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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

It's been a long time coming but Mojo has finally got a new permanent home in Hebden Bridge.

And Mojo has acquired some new friends along the way and is teaming up with some amazing energy workers bringing some truly fantastic treatments (I call them profound experiences) in the form of one to one and group sessions.

Mojo is coming back to doing live face to face games after being online for way to long. First game is planned for Saturday 14th May 2022. spaces are limited so please book early to guarantee a place.

Please subscribe to our newsletter so we can tell you more about upcoming events and about our amazing resident facilitators and their treatments.

All our resident practitioners are amazing energy workers and operate on the principle that our vibration is vital to our wellbeing. We are excited about expanding our consciousness and our awareness of what is truly possible. Its an exciting journey.

All the sessions offered, whether 1-1 or group, are with the intention of supporting you in letting go of what no longer serve you and embracing your own beautiful future

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I was going to share this awesome news to facebook but the photo of someone receiving a massage is kind of misleading as to what playing Mojo is. Any chance of changing it to one of the game itself or some cards? Well excited to be playing live morning games again.

Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
May 09, 2022
Replying to

Hi Rachel, because the news was about the new shop and the new practitioners, as well as Saturdays live mojo game, I chose an image that could represent the new treatments offered. Once I get a photo of the shop, I will change the image to that.

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